Mission & Vision

Vision: Bring people to Christ.

Mission: Wesley Grove shares the love of Christ through worship, education, and outreach.


Wesley Grove is called to be a community of believers, where we can become the person of Jesus Christ to each other and to those we meet; in church, and to those in the community around us and to be a place where hurting people can find healing – both spiritual and physical.


  • To provide an opportunity to meet with God on a personal level.
  • To provide an understanding of the nature and person of God and His gift of salvation.


  • To teach the person of Jesus and the basic tenants of Christianity.
  • To explore and create an understanding of the doctrines of the Christian Faith in order to firmly establish the foundations of faith and foster a hunger for spiritual things.


  • To establish an active presence within the surrounding community in order to foster an understanding of who we are and to enable us to minister the gospel of Jesus.
  • To actively participate in mission projects to serve those in places of need, both locally and internationally.