The Wesley Grove Pre-Kindergarten welcomes you and your child to our Early Childhood Education Program.  Our curriculum supports the developmental needs of two, three and four year-old children.  In these early years, your child will begin an educational process which establishes a foundation for learning and future school success.  Our goal is to instill in each child a true love for learning as well as build a positive self concept.

A child learns through play. Through examination and exploration of their child-centered environment, the young child establishes the foundation for future attitudes, habits, and methods of skill-building.  In well-planned group experiences, the child will learn to:

  • Share and take turns

  • Be sensitive to the needs of others

  • Listen and follow directions

  • Problem Solve

We focus on each child as an individual. With this in mind, we have developed a flexible learning environment which seeks to strengthen physical, cognitive and social skills within each child. Through loving and accepting relationships, the young child will develop initiative and imagination, as well as feelings of self confidence and security.

Wesley Grove Pre-Kindergarten is a self-supporting, non-profit outreach program of Wesley Grove United Methodist Church.  Sponsored by the Church, the Christian message is incorporated into our daily activities: Grace is said at snack time, our four year-old classes re-enact the Nativity at Christmas, we sing songs which mention God, and at times we will ask for your child’s participation in some church activities.  Nevertheless, we welcome children of all faiths.

Interested in learning more about our program? Read about our history, learn about our staff, and we hope you and your family will register for the upcoming school year!